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Spirit of Mystery - the Bay arrival

05 queenscliff.jpg
From Queenscliff Pier at 6.50am ~ Carmen Bell
06 Under Sail.jpg
Under Sail ~ Libby Luke
07 Spirit with welcome craft.jpg
Spirit with welcome craft ~ Jenny & Derek Trewarne
07aJ Approach.jpg
Approach ~ Janet Woolhouse
07bJ Approach.jpg
Approaching ~ Janet Woolhouse
08 Flags are out.jpg
10 Approaching from Hobsons bay.jpg
Approaching from Hobsons Bay ~ Bill Phillips
10aJ.Flags are out.jpg
Flags are out ~ Janet Woolhouse
11 A closer look.jpg
12 Ahoy.jpg 12aJ.jpg
Waiting ~ Janet Woolhouse (her camera)
A good joke ~ Janet Woolhouse
All smiles ~ Janet Woolhouse
Still waiting ~ Janet Woolhouse (her camera)
Waiting together ~ Janet Woolhouse (her camera)
Welcoming group ~ Janet Woolhouse
15 39080.jpg
Heading in ~ Carmen Bell
19 Approaching Berth.jpg
Approaching Berth ~ Bill Phillips
21 39081.jpg
Nearing Berth ~ Carmen Bell
21aJ Docking.jpg
Docking ~ Janet Woolhouse
There at last ~ Janet Woolhouse
okay; we're here ~ Janet Woolhouse
Up the gangway ~ Janet Woolhouse
Fixer ~ Janet Woolhouse
The bow ~ Janet Woolhouse
Flags a'flying ~ Janet Woolhouse
22J Docking.jpg
Docked ~ Janet Woolhouse
23 Home at last.jpg
Home at last ~ Libby Luke
25 arrived.jpg
Arrived ~ Glen Grigg
30 Boat.jpg
Spirit of Mystery docked ~ Libby Luke
31 Docked.jpg 35L Flags.jpg
Flags ~ Libby Luke
35L Greeting.jpg
Greeting ~ Libby Luke

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