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- Program 2017 -

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CAV Speakers for 2017
April 22nd  - "Crying the Neck" with Neil Thomas
Crying The Neck is a harvest festival tradition practised in the Duchy of Cornwall, Britain.  Neil has attended a ceremony and will share his story with us.

There will be no meeting in Melbourne but members are reminded of the Kernewek Lowender festival from 19th to 21st of May at the Copper Coast in South Australia

June  17th
Terry Polkinghorne - ‘Thompson’s Foundry, Castlemaine’

July 15th
AGM  & Pastie Lunch

August 19th - TBA

September 16th - TBA

October 21st
Graham Bartle - "A Cornish Corner in Mt Pleasant"

November 18th - Cornish Language Group's Presentation

December 9th - Christmas Luncheon

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A reminder:  Transport can be arranged from Oakleigh Station