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- Cornish in Bendigo -

Maureen Fuller and Rob Lloyd

Kernewek Lowender Dancers 2013

Maureen Fuller - Grand Bard

Leanne and Rob Lloyd

Libby Luke, Maureen Fuller and Tom Luke

Cornish Association of Victoria Inc. - Cornish in Bendigo

Convenors: Robert and Leanne Lloyd 

The Cornish In Bendigo have a new presence and a new group which will continue the strong Cornish connections both here in Bendigo and with other Cornish folk throughout Australia and the world.  

The Cornish presence in Bendigo has a long history and a brief summary of that history can be read by following this link.

Membership is open to any members of the Cornish Association of Victoria who may have an interest in Bendigo in general or family history links to Bendigo and there is no additional membership cost to be a member of this special interest group.

All enquires and expressions of interest regarding the group should be sent in the first instance to the Secretary of the CAV.  secretary@cornishvic.org.au

To contact the Bendigo group click here.

People are also invited to join the Cornish in Bendigo facebook page which is regularly updated with news items, pictures of local interest and information about events and Cornish items of interest.  The page can be located at:


  • Promote Cornish history and heritage in Bendigo

  • Assist the Cornish Association of Victoria in the conduct of any festivals or special events in Bendigo

  • To meet socially during the year for fellowship

  • To continue to promote and educate through the Cornish in Bendigo Facebook page which will regularly update and provide information about Cornish events and activities

The Bardic group is a recent picture of all the Bendigo Bards with Grand Bard Maureen Fuller
Back: Leanne Lloyd, Libby Luke and Peter Mundy
Front: Tom Luke, Maureen Fuller, Ruth Hopkins and George Ellis

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